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Friday, November 1, 2013

National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines Month is over. But friends National Museum is FREE on Sundays all year round. If you  will attend the Pasyal Intramuros or just do picnic in Rizal Park during Sundays, better drop by in the National Museum. You will be amazed how rich our culture is. The buildings of the museums are near Rizal Park it is in P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila City. It is opened from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10AM to 5PM. For more inquiries you can visit its website.

The storage area and protector of the Philippines' natural and cultural heritage is the National Museum. It tasked to achieve the goals of instilling cultural consciousness and a sense of pride and nationalism among Filipino citizens through its activities covering the sciences, education and culture. 
It occupies two buildings; the main building is the National Art Gallery, former Old Congress Building, where the arts, natural sciences and other support divisions are being exhibit. The other building is the Museum of the Filipino People; former Finance building, where the Anthropology and Archaeology Divisions are exhibited.

Hope the management will give tour guides like they can group the visitors in small groups and explain each gallery or art piece. I noticed the visitors were on their own, it will help a lot if there are tour guides to explain, in that way visitors can appreciate more the collections that are being exhibited.

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