Monday, September 29, 2008

Enchanted Kingdom- Sta. Rosa, Laguna

The Hitachi Global Technologies’ Family Day was held in Enchanted Kingdom (September 26-28, 2008). My cousin, who is working there, accompanied us last Sept. 28. It was my third time to visit EK. The last time I was there were last 1998. Before we explore, we decided to eat at Amazon Grill. My sister, who was with us, was her first time to be there. She didn’t want to ride the terrifying rides, so we opted for “pa-cute” rides. We rode the Splash and Bump, Rialto, Carousel and Rio Grande Rapids. Among the four rides, I enjoyed most was the Rio Grande Rapids. We were soaking after the ride. I love the rapids. Actually my cousin resented of riding it because she was really soaking although I told them to bring extra clothes because we would be wet in the Rio Grande. For me it was fun. We were planning to ride the jungle log jam and the swan lake but the line to ride was very long since we were already tired we opted to go home instead. Anyway, we really had fun, nice to out the kid in us. Thanks Enchanted Kingdom.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Lady of Manaoag Church, Manaoag, Pangasinan

Since we were already in Pangasinan for our Hundred Islands escapade, we decided to have a side trip to Manaoag Church. My friend asked someone if it was near to Alaminos. One of the locals told her that it was just away from where we were. So we proceed there thinking that it’s just a half or an hour away. We were so happy that at last we can visit the famous Manaoag Church. In the bus, we were laughing and talking about our experience from the Hundred Island Natonal Park. We all fell asleep and when we awoke we were still on the bus. So we asked the conductor if we were still on our way to our destination, he said we will be there soon. And we stared at each other thinking that it is too far from Alaminos, and we were right it’s more than an hour ride because from Dagupan we had to ride a jeep to Manaoag. So we were laughing and enjoying our experience once more. Once more? Because, it happened to us too when we were in Puerto Galera. We asked a local if the Talipanan Falls was near and he said it’s just there pointing the area as if it would be a 10 minutes walk. It’s a lesson learned that when you are in new place ask for how many kilometers that place away. Don’t ask for minutes or hours because they are used to the place so their speed would be different from yours. Nevertheless, the trip to Manoag Church was really fun.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Hundred Island National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan - The Barren Islands

We’ve seen hundred islands from postcards even when we were young. Personally I was fascinated by the view. I’ve browsed from the internet how can we go there. Last April we decided to have a nature trip there since we had vacation for two days. We were four girls went there by Five-Star Bus. We departed from Pasay at midnight and we reached Alaminos early in the morning. The waiting shed where we were dropped has tricycles that are ready to transport us to Lucap Wharf. The special trip cost us 100 pesos. We were so early to arrive actually there were few people on the street. There was a restaurant and lodging house open and we decided to have a cup of coffee but the funny side was they were not yet ready to serve. Then we stayed in a waiting shed area. There was a tricycle driver who offered us a boat that would transport us to one of the islands but the group decided to wait for other boatmen so that we could haggle for price of island hopping, because according the HINP the boat rental ranges from 1,500.00 up. Aside from that we would like to witness the sunrise while we are riding on a boat. True enough one boatman agreed us to be our service for our island hopping and he was our tour guide too. The ride while the sun was rising was really a breath taking. It was really one of the wonders of God. Very relaxing and felt blessed, especially for us who are working and seldom to unwind.

Our boatman told us that we will do island hopping while we were on our way to Quezon Island, where we planned to stay overnight. I was thinking that every island could be explored like the usual island hopping that I know, but I was little disappointed because the boat man would just point and told us what was the name of the island. Most of the islands cannot be explored. Islands are almost the same, there is not much vegetation. The first stop we did was in Children’s Island, the water and the seashore are nice really suited for children. I love the view from the top. Don’t forget to take time to explore the island. Before lunchtime we were already in Quezon Island. This island is quite congested of tourists, foreigners and locals. The first thing my sister and me did was explore the island. Since there were no available cottages left us, we opted to stay on the sand where kayaks stocked at the top of the area are the stores. This was the scenario that made us pissed and at the same time turned into a blessing. We had to make it funny otherwise our vacation would be ruined. While we were lying on the sand resting my co-worker and me decided to explore more the island even the sun was high. We were teasing the other two who were sleeping when suddenly from the top someone throw a water with fish scales and blood. It was really ewwww, very yucky the blanket was wet together with our other belongings and even us. We were waiting for someone to go down and say sorry and check what happened. But sorry for us the one who did it was never human enough to say sorry, she was really arrogant. We were already complaining but she never went down to check. We washed our wet belongings in the sea water just imagine how pissed we were. The good thing is that we are used to wrap our clothes in a plastic when we are on our nature adventure for safety purposes. There was a huge rock, which has small opening, so we dig the sand till we could lay down there. We planned to swim in the afternoon but since we are already soaked in fishy water, we had no choice but to swim. Good enough we had a shelter all day long under the rock. Other tourists would look at us because we were having fun under the rock. It was a misfortune turned into a well deserve day. As the sun went down we did kayaking, it was the first time I did it. It is tiring but enjoyable water sport. The island is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and of course kayaking. While we were swimming little fishes swam with us too. We have two tents but we decided to use one. The cost for every tent is 200.00 plus the overnight fee of 40.00.

The next day very early in the morning we went island hopping before we heed to Lucap wharf to go home. The first stop was in Romulo Island, where we tried to explore the cave but we can’t because of the bats. The island has white sand. Quezon Island is the last island we explored; I think it is the biggest island among the hundreds. This was the island I enjoyed most because we did a little bit hiking, caving and swimming.

Don’t forget to bring potable water, sun block, snorkeling gears, cameras and food to explore these islands.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Capones Island-The Raw Island

Our company outing was held in Megan Paradisio Beach Resort, Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. I've been there to one of the beaches in Zambales so I searched the internet what would be stored for us in that place. I was thinking if I would just swim there I would not go because I've just been to Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan and Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur, so I was still "high" from those wonderful nature trips. I found out that Capones Island is just away from the beach resort so I opted to go with our company outing.
I was in the bus together with my co-workers and the workers from our sister company. The trip was fun because we did videoke while on our way. It toke us more than four hours. The beach was not that awesome like the beaches that I have been to but nevertheless I like the fresh air. The first I did was look for a package that could take me and two of my co-workers to Capones Island. I saw an adjacent Island and the lady in the information told us it is the Camara Island. These two islands were the place where some of the scenes from Marimar, a TV series in GMA were shoot. The rent for the motorized boat was 600.00 for Capones Island alone and 900.00 for the two islands. We looked from the boat operator outside the beach resort and we found someone who was willing to bring us to Capones Island for 500.00 only. Good for us the weather cooperated. It was a lovely sunny day. The Island is beautiful, white and fine sand, the water is blue crystal clear, rocks have different colors. The place is perfect for snorkeling, camping and trekking. Actually we plan to trek to the Spanish era lighthouse but we were dropped in a place of the island that would toke hours to reach it. One of the boat men told us that we should be dropped on the other side of the island. But anyway we still enjoy our Capones escapade although the place is deserted, lacks of trees and no cottages. This island has variety of fish and algae, perfect for snorkeling.
Those who would visit this island should not forget to bring potable water, sun block for face, body and lips, snorkeling gears, sun glasses and of course camera. Don’t forget to charge your batteries. Discover this raw island.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Paguriran Island - One Fine Afternoon

Lately we are fond of nature tripping. My sister, a teacher from our province promised us to accompany in an island in our province. She said its one of the beautiful islands in Bicol. Last August we went home to visit our family and to do some unwinding. The weather was not good. There were rain showers when we arrived. Our plan was the next day after we arrived; early in the morning we were going to the island. The island is quite far from our place it was much better if we would have four well-drive vehicles but since the available vehicles were motorcycles. Some were hesitant but after lunch my sister said we would go there, we had 4 motorcycles and 11 persons. The ride was really very tiring it seemed the road was endless but personally I enjoyed the scenery. Although when we were heeding to the island the heavy rain poured, I was praying that may the trip would turn nicely trip no matter what. May we all enjoy the trip regardless of the weather. The Lord is really nice He heard my silent prayer, before we arrived to the destination the weather turned into, One Fine Afternoon, perfect for island tripping. The resort called, Paguriran Beach Resort. It is located in Sawanga, Bacon, Sorsogon City. Beach sand is fine and pinkish. The island is just a walk away from the main land. It has hidden beauty, unadulterated, nice vegetation aside from that the Mayon Volcano is visible from the place. The place is very enchanting, very nice nature creation. One of the best. Hidden treasure, worth of our time. It has a lagoon. Explore the island and u will discover and see the breakwater at the back by entering a channel, made of rock formation, from there u can see how beautiful the water. Kodus to one Almighty God.
Those who want to reach and experience, one exotic place, this is really one of the best.
You can ride a plane from Manila to Legaspi, from legaspi u can ride a van or a bus to Sorsogon City, or from Manila you can take a bus directly to Sorsogon City. From Sorsogon City u can ride a jeep Sawanga-Bacon. Or if u have ur own private vehicle much better u can enjoy the scenery in going there. The locals are very warm and accomodating.