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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to get to Borawan, Quezon Province

Mostly those who want to go to Borawan take Lucena city then will take a bus from there to Unisan or Mulanay. But someone told us that there is a bus going straightly to the place of the port in going to Padre Burgos from Alabang, Muntinlupa. It was not clear what the bus name was. Since, we are living near the area much easier for us.
We were on our way to Alabang around 3:00am because it was a day before the Barangay Election we didn’t like to be trapped in the traffic. Around 3:30 we were already in Alabang, asking some drivers and conductors what bus would take us to Padre Burgos but all of them said we should take Lucena city bound buses. All of a sudden a middle age guy told us that there is a bus in Metropolis Mall Parking lot that goes there regularly. True enough there is a bus, Barney Auto lines, the signage should be Unisan. The first trip to Unisan usually 6:00am but since the bus filled up earlier we left Alabang at 4:42am
We told the conductor to drop us in Vista Playa since that was the instructions of the agency we were booked. The conductor didn't know that place so he called someone. We could have just say Marao. Because the Vista Playa is on the right side and could be seen right away. 

 1.  From  Alabang to Brgy. Marao, Padre Burgos the bus (Ordinary) fare was 221.00 pesos (The guy in Vista Aplaya said it should be just 180.00, he said it was overpricing) 

Vista Playa is a name of restaurant that has been changed into Konotum Restaurant. There are some would offer tour and the good thing the tour rate is standard so no over pricing.

There is no bus that could take to Manila straightly from Marao, the buses are usually filled already so we had to go to Lucena city.

2. Marao to Lucena city (ordinary fare ) the bus  fare is 35.00 pesos.

3. Lucena City to Alabang, Muntinlupa (ordinary fare) the bus fare is 147.00 pesos.

You can find some alternatives in going there. Its better take this tour with a group, the more the better and the cheaper.

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