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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Borawan Island in Padre Burgoz, Quezon

Our boatmen arrived 10:05am in Puting Buhangin Island to transfer us to the second Island Borawan. It is the most famous among the three islands in the package tour we took. Borawan Island has stunning limestone rocks like of that in Palawan and long stretch of shoreline. My first impression right away was wow, this island is stunning. I told the boatmen that they could have just called this island by the old name. Because yes the limestone cliffs are like of that in Palawan but the sand is far from of that in Boracay. But of course it’s for marketing purposes, easy name recall, Borawan, to attract more tourists because it has two in one view of Palawan and Boracay. According to the boatmen the old name of this island was Escalero.

In this island is where the campers usually camp because it has better facilities than two islands, Puting Bahangin and Dampalitan islands. Our tour guide told us that there is a hotel project in the island to be erected soon. More developments coming up to this island.

The entrance fee is 80.00 pesos per head. Since that is already included in the package we didn’t pay, but we had no cottage reserved for us because we were supposed to stay overnight in here. We opted to camp in Puting Buhangin instead. My sister's blanket served us our picnic mat. No plan to stay longer because we still had one island to visit. Just have our lunch and proceed to explore the island.

We were in awe seeing all the wonderful spots. Taking pictures every corner of the island. We had fun in taking wacky pictures literally had frolicking activity.

My sister and I did snorkeling again. Watching the fishes swimming with us. It was fun. Although the water is not crystal clear. On the right side the shoreline is long, white sand. Beautiful view. Even it was so hot we explored this side of the island. We were lucky when we were there just few tourists. Perfect to enjoy the island. I observed some did cliff diving, trekking and kayaking.

I noticed one thing in common in Puting Buhangin and Borawan, the bathroom (comfort room) has fee. It is disgusting why have to pay for the usage of the bathroom when it should be included in the amenities. What if the tourist would just pee or poop anywhere? That’s for hygienic purposes it should be free. Come on there is already an entrance fee. The worst thing every time one would pee one should pay 10.00 pesos although one can pay 50.00 pesos for unlimited pee. For pooping 20.00. Funny it was my first time to do island hopping with a fee in using the bathroom. Only in Quezon Province.

Tourism Board of Padre Burgos should look into it that’s for hygienic purposes. Our ocean is not a huge bathroom.

This island has too much room for improvement and with proper care of the tourists; this will be surely a hit to the adventurers, especially for the people from the provinces nearby. 

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