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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tugon sa Bohol

Philippine was hit by too many challenges from natural to man made calamities. One of it was the Earthquake in Bohol. There are approximately 10 national heritage churches, century old ones that were crushed to the ground totally and partially. There are some groups from the government and non-government organizations trying to raise funds to restore/reconstruct those churches. Ayala Corporation pledged to restore/reconstruct one of the churches. The cost estimation for one church would be 80 million to 200 million pesos. That’s why they staged free concerts to draw attention and donations for the rebuilding of one of the churches. It’s their effort to raise funds.  One of their concerts was in Ayala Triangle Garden, Tugon sa Bohol (answer to Bohol) featuring The Don Bosco Choir, Joey Ayala and of course the Loboc Children’s choir hosted by Cesca Litton.

The Don Bosco Choir

Cesca Litton

The Loboc Chilren's Choir

Joey Ayala with Loboc Children's Choir
Bohol is one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines. One of their sources of income is the tourism. Part of the tour in this island is these beautiful and old churches. Mostly Boholanons can relate their lives with the church, they are religious ones. They hope to see these churches be erected once more. Let’s help them!

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