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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Borawan-Dampalitan-Puting Buhangin (Kuwebang Lampas) Islands Adventure Quezon Province

All of us in the group were ready to embrace the adventure in this part of the province, like survivors do. At that time it was low tide so we walked few meters to the boat and we noticed a lot of starfish in the hallow sand, there were little fish, crabs, blue jellyfish too.

Our boatmen suggested that we should take kuwebang lampas first and spend the night in there because it’s a nice place, not crowded. We told them we can do that since they know more the place than us. Not so crowded place so that we can enjoy our stay. It was more or less than hour trip to kuwebang lampas. Along the way we were enjoying the scenery. I noticed the islet with two stones so I asked the tour guide what was the name of that islet, she said that is Mag-asawang bato (couple stone). It is a nice location for pictorials.

As we were approaching the kuwebang lampas  we were all in awe. Beautiful Island with white pristine sand. I couldn’t wait to reach the Island. LOL I wanted to jump right there and then. The water was clear and I could see from the boat the sea urchins, crabs, and fishes swimming even in a hallow water. We stayed the night in this island. This island is good for  snorkeling, diving, swimming, trekking and other fun water activities.

The following morning our boatmen arrived transferred us to Borawan Island. The island has its own beauty, stunning view, long shore line, white sand. We stayed there for a lunch. The water in here is not as clear like in Kuwebang Lampas. Although we still swam with fishes.

Around 2:00pm our boatmen came again to transfer us to Dampalitan Island. Another Island with Agoho trees, white pristine sand too although with broken corals. Fishes can be seen even in a hallow water. There are live seashells that can be collected by the seashore.

This adventure was a real adventure. Those who are going to take this tour, bear in mind that there is no electricity in the island. Solar charger for your gadgets if you have it will be of great help. Extra batteries are badly needed to capture every moment. Cooking stove for camping will be beneficial. Mosquito repellant and sunblock cream are a must. Bring Shawl, Malong, thin long sleeve clothes or anything that can cover you from the sun light

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