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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas is in the air

Wow its Christmas time, didn’t notice that we are already in the mid of November. So far I am not yet finish with my Christmas list. Lol I don’t want to deal with it first too many things to do plus its additional expenses, I have to check the budget for it. Better to give than to receive but it should be within the budget. Right?

I went to the grocery and I saw this giant Christmas tree in SM City Sucat, adorned with Santa Claus dolls, poinsettia, balls, stars, ladder, sugar cane, etc. Well lighted by tiny Christmas lights. It is under the huge staircase beside the Santa Claus' chair, in the middle of building A of the mall.

The ceiling is decorated with red stars and under the handrails of the escalators are decorated too.

Even we are hit by too many calamities but its uplifting to hear Christmas carols in the air while shopping. Some say it’s the work of capitalism. For me its fine just have to deal with it, according to what you perceived about life. Time for merriment but time to see the boundaries of it. Happy Holidays in advance.

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