Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Katibawasan Falls - Mambajao Camiguin

It was a rainy day when we reached Camiguin, windy and cold but didn’t stop us from exploring the province born of fire. Our first stop was in Katibawasan Falls, which is located 5 kilometers from the capital of Camiguin the town of Mambajao.


We were hungry so we looked for something to eat and our eyes were caught by the native delicacy Kiping.  It is a must try when one is in this area, Katibawasan falls.

While we were enjoying the kiping, we heard the sound of the surging water. The people in there said that there was a flood and we couldn’t swim. They told that we can just enjoy the view if we want to. From a far we could see the chocolate colored waterfalls cascading. Even we knew we couldn’t bathe nor swim still we got inside to see and enjoy the spectacular view of majestic waterfalls of the Katibawasan.

We were in awe while watching the surging of water cascading 250 feet. The natural rock pool of chocolate colored water surrounded by trees, wild ferns, boulders and flowering plants gave us the feeling of enchantment.

Katibawasan falls is under the maintenance of the provincial government that’s why the entrance fees are minimal:

Adults – P 20.00
Children – P 5.00
Students – P 15.00

Picnic tables, chairs and comfort rooms are available for use. I wished there was a cafeteria so we could enjoy the place while resting. After taking pictures we had to leave because we just had a day to explore the Province of Camiguin.
Till then Camiguin.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

On-line Shopping with Lazada

This write up is not a paid review.

The world became smaller in the advent of  the world wide web. In the pursuit of quick and easy life people tends to discover a lot of things. All these innovations have pros and cons. It’s just how the people would embrace it. That can be good or bad.
Personally internet connection is really needed in my life because I can communicate with my love ones here and abroad. I can read and be updated with what is happening around the world, easy now to get the latest news. Aside from that I do shop on line too because:
  1. Primarily of the convenience of not going to the stores, to avoid traffic and to avoid the inhalation of more polluted air,
  2. there are offers that are cheaper,
  3. the goods are being delivered right to my doorstep,
  4. I can use credit card or debit card too and
  5. The goods can be returned too.
In my experience there are deals on line that are not really cheap, that’s why I check all the possible sites to compare. One of the worst that I encountered was talking to the customer service with no favorable action. It was a tedious task to settle the dispute.

my orders for the year 2013
Last year maybe around last quarter, I happened to bump to the site of Lazada, a shopping website. There was a free voucher for who were going to sign up, so I together with my coworkers signed up. Even up to now there is a free voucher for those who are going to sign up. Then we tried to use that voucher to see how fast and reliable the site. At that time they have free shipping regardless of the amount, now at least 1,000 pesos to avail of the free shipping. Although shipping cost is not that expensive. Surprisingly the item arrived on time; it was still in the allotted time of delivery. Just two days my order arrived. Ever since then I order from them once in awhile. Actually some of my Christmas gifts last year, I ordered them from Lazada. I want as much as possible to go on travel light especially on Christmas Eve, where most airlines are checking thoroughly the weight of the baggage. So I saved time and effort for my shopping needs.

For those who want to try shopping on line, check the prices with other stores and websites. Not all the items that has label “SALE” is not  really cheaper. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A day in Camiguin-The province Born of Fire

It’s our third day of our Cagayan de Oro-Bukidnon-Camiguin tour.  Camiguin is the second smallest island of the Philippines in both area and population with almost 240 square kilometers in land area. This island is known for lansones fruit, volcanoes and its diverse ecosystem.

We left our hotel in Cagayan de Oro around 2:30 in the morning to catch the first trip to Camiguin Island through ferry. It was a rainy night and we were worried that we wouldn’t enjoy the day tour.
Our river tour guide from the CDO water rafting adventure recommended a tour guide with multi cab in Camiguin, that’s why we had set the tour ahead of time. When we arrived in Benoni port the driver and tour guide was already there. Our tour fee including the rent of the multi cab was 2,000.00 pesos that’s for the whole day tour.

First stop was the Katibawasan Falls; at that time since it was raining the color of the water was brown. There was a flood, the caretakers refrained us from going down. We enjoyed the view of the 75 meters water cascading. Stayed there for few minutes took some pictures and rest a bit.

Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort was our second stop. It’s a hot sulfuric spring. We enjoyed the warm of the water soaked for 20 minutes. There were tourists too enjoying the place. It’s a perfect place to sooth the aching muscles specially for the old ones.

We wanted to explore white beach, a sand bar, our tour guide told us that it was not possible at that time due to bad weather but still we went there and checked if we could. Sorry for us, we couldn’t even see the sand bar; it was high tide, rainy and windy.

The fourth stop was the Mt. Volcan or it is known as Old Volcano, where the Stations of the Cross are located. The statues are life size. This is where some of the Catholic devotees do there Stations of the Cross during holy week. Trekking upstairs is a challenge but worthy because while walking I was enjoying the view top of the island. We didn’t finish the trek just half way, all were hungry didn’t have breakfast. Our tour guide told us to have a lunch in our next stops where we could indulge in native chicken food.

After the trek we went to the Sunken Cemetery, it is the remnant and the landmark of the town that was wiped out during the volcano eruption in 1800. The weather and time didn’t permit us to explore the area because of the bad weather. This area can be explored during good weather and low tide. Since we couldn’t do anything we took pictures and bought souvenirs instead.

Our sixth stop was the Old Curch Ruins, as the name says it’s just a ruin. It is a reminder of the earthquake and volcanic eruption during the 1817. I couldn’t believe that it could be toppled down, because the thickness of the wall and its posts are so huge. Works of nature, human cant do anything. I love this place so green and peaceful that I almost forgot I was hungry. We bought boxes of lansones in this area, it's cheaper.

Soda Swimming pool is a natural soda water. I tasted the water there is a zesty taste.  Natural cold and refreshing water. While we were waiting for our food to be served we enjoyed the water and talking with the locals. An old man told us that we could go to Tuasan Falls. After we had our lunch we talked to our tour guide if he could bring us to Tuasan Falls. He told us that it was not part of the tour because no amenities in that area yet, the road were still under construction. After few minutes he graciously agreed to have a side trip on that area.

Tuasan Falls is a located in the area where there were no amenities for tourists. There were construction equipments in the area. The construction of the road was on going. It was amazing place, it was like we own the place. Rich vegetation, beautiful view of cascading water. Since we were the only tourists in there we had the time to have more wacky pictures.

Our last stop was the Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring Resort. We were already tired, no much energy to get inside. But since we were already there we grabbed the opportunity to drag ourselves to explore the place. Before we got in we ordered buko (young coconut )and rice puto (rice cake). When we got inside our tiredness lessen. The coldness of the water made us get better plus the greener view and clean and fresh air added to make us relaxed.

Around 3:30 pm we were already in the port ready to go back to Cagayan de Oro City. It was a hectic but fulfilling day. Worth the time and effort to explore the island of Camiguin. If you want to explore it, especially for the divers, stay here for more than a day. This small island offers a lot more for everyone to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. Salamat Camiguin. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

We just dropped by our things in the St. Nicolas Inn, and we proceeded right away to the Agora market also known as Market City. There we looked for a van or car for hire. We were not yet alighted from Rela, there were guys already offering tours to Bukidnon, Whitewater rafting, Camiguin, Iligan.  There were just four in our group so we opted for a car. They offered 2,500.00 pesos for a round trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. We haggled and we got it for 1,800.00 pesos then the driver asked for additional 200.00 pesos for the side trip to Delmonte Club House since its an out of way in going to the Dahilayan Adventure Park. We wanted the side trip to Delmonte Club house because of the steak that mostly said it’s yummy.

Those who are going to enter the province of Bukinon will need to sanitize themselves by stepping on the foot baths to prevent and protect Bukinon from foot and mouth diseases. All vehicles coming in are being asked to stop to be checked and monitored the incoming and outgoing livestock, poultry and meat products as well. It was my first time to experience it although in some airports there are footbaths too but not in the boundary of provinces.

Going to Dahilayan Advetnure Park passes by the Del Monte Philippines Inc. plantations, it’s nice and refreshing scenery. I didn’t notice the time that it took almost two hours to reach the park. It was relaxing and refreshing to smell the fresh and cold breeze. There were moments that our driver would stop to let us see the plantation and took pictures. Our driver was amazed because it was his first time to meet tourists that would ask him to open the windows to enjoy the breeze although there are parts of the road that we had to close the windows because of the dusts. The road is not completely concrete there are portions that are rocky and dusty.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is in elevated place that’s why it’s colder in there. For me this is the summer capital of Bukidnon lol. There pine trees and horses added to the atmosphere that we were in Baguio city or in Tagaytay City. My sisters and my friend took the zipline adventure with 320 meters. The crews offered them to try the all ride package because even though they just took the 320 meters they could add to get that ultimate package. I was the one taking pictures of them and guarding their things. I was not in the mood for that exhilarating experience. They were teasing me that I was a sissy; it would take time for us to return to this place so I should take that adventure. But I told them I tried ziplines before so I would just enjoy the scenery. They loved the experience but they didn’t take the all ride package. After the ride there was a horse driven cart or Kalesa in our local language, at the drop zone, the fare for that is 20.00 pesos per head. Inside the park there are hotel, souvenir shops, and restaurant and refreshment area.

After their ride we toured around and we noticed outside the park there are some selling souvenirs too like strawberry jam, strawberry fresh fruit, sweets and more.

It was a refreshing experience, talking with the locals, seeing new things, warm welcome, definitely a nice break from a city life.