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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Katibawasan Falls - Mambajao Camiguin

It was a rainy day when we reached Camiguin, windy and cold but didn’t stop us from exploring the province born of fire. Our first stop was in Katibawasan Falls, which is located 5 kilometers from the capital of Camiguin the town of Mambajao.


We were hungry so we looked for something to eat and our eyes were caught by the native delicacy Kiping.  It is a must try when one is in this area, Katibawasan falls.

While we were enjoying the kiping, we heard the sound of the surging water. The people in there said that there was a flood and we couldn’t swim. They told that we can just enjoy the view if we want to. From a far we could see the chocolate colored waterfalls cascading. Even we knew we couldn’t bathe nor swim still we got inside to see and enjoy the spectacular view of majestic waterfalls of the Katibawasan.

We were in awe while watching the surging of water cascading 250 feet. The natural rock pool of chocolate colored water surrounded by trees, wild ferns, boulders and flowering plants gave us the feeling of enchantment.

Katibawasan falls is under the maintenance of the provincial government that’s why the entrance fees are minimal:

Adults – P 20.00
Children – P 5.00
Students – P 15.00

Picnic tables, chairs and comfort rooms are available for use. I wished there was a cafeteria so we could enjoy the place while resting. After taking pictures we had to leave because we just had a day to explore the Province of Camiguin.
Till then Camiguin.

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