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Thursday, December 12, 2013

On-line Shopping with Lazada

This write up is not a paid review.

The world became smaller in the advent of  the world wide web. In the pursuit of quick and easy life people tends to discover a lot of things. All these innovations have pros and cons. It’s just how the people would embrace it. That can be good or bad.
Personally internet connection is really needed in my life because I can communicate with my love ones here and abroad. I can read and be updated with what is happening around the world, easy now to get the latest news. Aside from that I do shop on line too because:
  1. Primarily of the convenience of not going to the stores, to avoid traffic and to avoid the inhalation of more polluted air,
  2. there are offers that are cheaper,
  3. the goods are being delivered right to my doorstep,
  4. I can use credit card or debit card too and
  5. The goods can be returned too.
In my experience there are deals on line that are not really cheap, that’s why I check all the possible sites to compare. One of the worst that I encountered was talking to the customer service with no favorable action. It was a tedious task to settle the dispute.

my orders for the year 2013
Last year maybe around last quarter, I happened to bump to the site of Lazada, a shopping website. There was a free voucher for who were going to sign up, so I together with my coworkers signed up. Even up to now there is a free voucher for those who are going to sign up. Then we tried to use that voucher to see how fast and reliable the site. At that time they have free shipping regardless of the amount, now at least 1,000 pesos to avail of the free shipping. Although shipping cost is not that expensive. Surprisingly the item arrived on time; it was still in the allotted time of delivery. Just two days my order arrived. Ever since then I order from them once in awhile. Actually some of my Christmas gifts last year, I ordered them from Lazada. I want as much as possible to go on travel light especially on Christmas Eve, where most airlines are checking thoroughly the weight of the baggage. So I saved time and effort for my shopping needs.

For those who want to try shopping on line, check the prices with other stores and websites. Not all the items that has label “SALE” is not  really cheaper. Happy Shopping!

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