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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

We just dropped by our things in the St. Nicolas Inn, and we proceeded right away to the Agora market also known as Market City. There we looked for a van or car for hire. We were not yet alighted from Rela, there were guys already offering tours to Bukidnon, Whitewater rafting, Camiguin, Iligan.  There were just four in our group so we opted for a car. They offered 2,500.00 pesos for a round trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. We haggled and we got it for 1,800.00 pesos then the driver asked for additional 200.00 pesos for the side trip to Delmonte Club House since its an out of way in going to the Dahilayan Adventure Park. We wanted the side trip to Delmonte Club house because of the steak that mostly said it’s yummy.

Those who are going to enter the province of Bukinon will need to sanitize themselves by stepping on the foot baths to prevent and protect Bukinon from foot and mouth diseases. All vehicles coming in are being asked to stop to be checked and monitored the incoming and outgoing livestock, poultry and meat products as well. It was my first time to experience it although in some airports there are footbaths too but not in the boundary of provinces.

Going to Dahilayan Advetnure Park passes by the Del Monte Philippines Inc. plantations, it’s nice and refreshing scenery. I didn’t notice the time that it took almost two hours to reach the park. It was relaxing and refreshing to smell the fresh and cold breeze. There were moments that our driver would stop to let us see the plantation and took pictures. Our driver was amazed because it was his first time to meet tourists that would ask him to open the windows to enjoy the breeze although there are parts of the road that we had to close the windows because of the dusts. The road is not completely concrete there are portions that are rocky and dusty.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is in elevated place that’s why it’s colder in there. For me this is the summer capital of Bukidnon lol. There pine trees and horses added to the atmosphere that we were in Baguio city or in Tagaytay City. My sisters and my friend took the zipline adventure with 320 meters. The crews offered them to try the all ride package because even though they just took the 320 meters they could add to get that ultimate package. I was the one taking pictures of them and guarding their things. I was not in the mood for that exhilarating experience. They were teasing me that I was a sissy; it would take time for us to return to this place so I should take that adventure. But I told them I tried ziplines before so I would just enjoy the scenery. They loved the experience but they didn’t take the all ride package. After the ride there was a horse driven cart or Kalesa in our local language, at the drop zone, the fare for that is 20.00 pesos per head. Inside the park there are hotel, souvenir shops, and restaurant and refreshment area.

After their ride we toured around and we noticed outside the park there are some selling souvenirs too like strawberry jam, strawberry fresh fruit, sweets and more.

It was a refreshing experience, talking with the locals, seeing new things, warm welcome, definitely a nice break from a city life. 

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