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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

St. Nicolas Inn-Cagayan de Oro

When we were planning for the CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin tour we scrutinized which one would be safer and accessible for us. We wanted to stay one night in Camiguin but we thought it would be better to stay in the city. But looking back we could have stayed in Camiguin instead but nevertheless it was a wonderful trip.
I was the one looked for a hotel where we could stay. As I was browsing from different deals and websites, my attention was caught by St. Nicolas Inn. It is in the heart of the city, accessible to public transportations. When I checked the review it was not good it was not bad either. My sister said that we could try it because we wouldn’t stay the whole day in the hotel we would be always out. I inquired thru their facebook page and the reply was the room rate was 1,700.00 pesos per night. But in agoda it was just 900++ pesos so I was like maybe if I would call the hotel the price would be different. When I called, the front desk officer said they have a 700.00 pesos good for two persons, air conditioned room, with tv and hot and cold shower. It’s really important for us to have that hot and cold shower because after the tour we would be deadly tired we would need to take a nice shower. We decided to book for two rooms for 3N and 4 days.

We were early for check in that’s why no room available yet, what we did were left all our things and went to Bukidnon for the Dahilayan adventure. The front desk and her coworkers were accommodating they let us left our things. After the adventure it was already dusk, time to relax. Time to check our rooms too.

The room is small.  The bed was clean, it has air conditioner, flat tv with cable, they have a free wifi connection, two towels and bath soap. The bathroom is small, the shower and the bowl are in the same location that’s why when taking a shower the bathroom gets wet all over. But well it was just 700.00 pesos.

We could hear the footsteps of the people walking upstairs. But since we were always tired we could still sleep.

The following day we had a white water rafting, my friend and I woke up earlier and ordered coffee and breakfast. After 15 minutes my sisters arrived and ordered their food too. Their order served ahead of us, when my coffee was served the coffee mug has a stained of lipstick. I called the waiter to check it because I didn’t even sip it yet. He politely changed it. Time passed my sisters done with their breakfast but our orders didn’t serve yet. The tour guides arrived and we asked them to wait for us to finish our breakfast, 45 minutes our breakfast didn’t serve yet. So we decided to cancel it but the front desk said it’s almost done. He was sorry because there were too many orders. I told him its not about too many its about the system in taking the orders, it should be first come first serve. Just imagine my sisters were done with their breakfast and ours were not yet served. In short we brought it instead and ate it while we were on our way to Mambuaya where we would have the rafting adventure.

At night we asked the front desk if we could ask for two cups of hot water, she was nice just told us to get hot water for free.

On our third day before we go to Camiguin, we asked the front desk to let our room be cleaned because they didn’t clean it everyday. We had a day tour in Camiguin. We were thinking that our room would be so cleaned. They changed the beddings but didn’t sweep nor vacuum the floor nor collected the trash, didn’t change the towels neither clean the bathroom. The left bathroom tissue roll by the guests are still served to the next guest. Our bathroom tissue roll was already small. It's good we brought our own bathroom tissue and towels. Usually I don't use the towels of the hotels for my body those are just for my feet, i always bring my own. 

On our forth and last day, we were so tired already to go out and have our breakfast somewhere. We decided to have it in the hotel again. This time the service was fast. Thank you didn’t wait that long. My friend took two cups of hot water. After our breakfast I asked for our bill and paid for it. My friend and I were checking and we noticed we were charged for two more cups of coffee. So I told the front desk we were charged more than we consumed. He returned the money. But this time we were charged for the hot water 2.00 pesos per cup. We were laughing because it’s our first time to experience to be charged for a hot water but its okay it was just 2.00 pesos.

Over all it was a learning process again for us. It’s good we didn’t expect much from this hotel although of course the basic we expect, like cleaning the room everyday that includes the bathroom, changing the bedding and towels because that’s for hygienic purposes. The good thing with this hotel its in the heart of the city.

Hayes St., Cagayan de Oro

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