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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dampalitan Island in Padre Burgoz, Quezon

After few hours of exploring and frolicking in Borawan, Dampalitan Island was our next and last stop. This island can be seen from the Borawan Island, just 15 minutes of boat ride we reached it. It is the greenest among the three of the islands in the package tour that we took. There are agoho trees that greeted us as we were approaching. We could see sea urchins on the water bed. The sun was high, too hot already. I couldn’t wait to jump off the boat to be shielded by those mighty agoho trees. There was a hammock just right to refresh and rest for awhile. 

White beach but I noticed a lot of broken sea corals. Hope it’s not from dynamite fishing. It was low tide so we couldn’t really swim but we could see some variety of small fish, jelly fish, seaweeds and sea shells. We soaked and watched the fishes swimming right before our eyes. There are many fish pens nearby the beach. We were the only tourists at that time.

After just few minutes we left the island and had a shower in Vista Playa for 10.00 pesos per head. Home sweet home. It was indeed an adventure. Till Then. 

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