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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin

Part of our tour is the Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort. It’s a hot spring one. I grew up in a place where we usually bathe in hot spring resorts; my expectation for hot spring is high. I always compare the temperatures of Mapaso Spring resort or San Benon Spring resort to any hot spring that I've been. To my surprise ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort matched my expectations of a hot spring. This resort is the usual jump-off point for the hikers, who want to explore Mt. Hibok-hibok.

This resort is being managed by the Local Government Unit of Mambajao, Camiguin, it has six natural hot swimming pools with different water temperature. It is nestled on the foot of Mt. Hibok-hibok, which is an active volcano that makes the water hot. The best time to go there and enjoy the water is in the morning or at night. It is open 24 hours a day. The amenities of the resort are bar and restaurant, cafeteria (canteen), cottages, picnic sheds and tables, garden, camping ground and rooms available too.

Outside the resort there are many shops selling souvenir items and comfort food.

We had a day tour so we decided to have just 20 minutes to explore and enjoy the water but since we love hot spring we stayed for another 10 minutes.

Entrance Fee:
Adult – P 30.00
Child – P 15.00

Facility and Accomodation Rates:
• Grill Station - 20Php
• Regular Size Shed/Table - 70Php (first 3hrs) ; 10Php/hr, in excess of 3hrs.
• Family Size Shed - 150Php (first 3hrs) ; 10Php/hr, in excess of 3hrs.
• 4 units - Duplex Cottage (AC w/ CR) - 1,200Php/room/day (good for 2 pax)
• additional bed - 175Php/head/day
• 4 units - Dormitory Rooms (w/ AC) - 3,080Php/room/day (good for 7 pax)
• Family Room - 2,750Php/room/day (good for 5 pax)

The swimming pools at Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort contain fresh and hot sulfuric flowing water. Temperature in every pool varies from thirty three degrees centigrade (33ºC) to thirty eight degrees centigrade (38ºC) to answer to individual needs and desire. Skin pores tend to open when expose to warm or hot water and close to cold water exposure. Thus, one is advised to have a cold shower after a dip at the swimming pool.
Sulfuric dioxide gas smells like “rotten eggs.” The higher the sulfuric content the more likely one smells it. The sulfuric content in the water varies from pool to pool at a PH of 6.4 to 7.2. Sulfur in water offers several therapeutic effect on skin disease, asthma (steam from pools provide bronchodilation effect), neuralgia (nerve pain) and rheumatism (joint pains on the shoulder, neck and wrist). Swimming, soaking or having a dip at the hot springs will soothe, relieve or ease the pain of your body.

Pool Guidelines
1. The pool opens 24/7
2. Pool cleaning schedule: every Wednesday  from 7:00am to 12:00noon.
3. Swimmers are encouraged to wear proper swimming attire:
women - bathing suitsor short pants
men – swimming trunk or shorts
4. Children without guardians are not allowed to use the pool.
5. Use of any soap or shampoo at the pool is strictly prohibited.
6. Indecent behavior/act, indecent exposure is strictly prohibited. It is punishable by law.
7. Do not leave your valuable things unattended. The resort will not assume responsibility for any losses.
8. Everybody is enjoined to help make the resort a clean and green place to stay.
            Avoid eating, drinking and smoking at the pool.
            Use garbage can for your waste
9. Violators will be evicted.

Source: Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort

Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort
Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin
Tele fax no. (088) 3870508

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