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Friday, January 24, 2014

Mount Volcano- Walkway to the old volcano and Stations of the Cross


After our stop in Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort, we wanted to go to the white island, a sandbar, but we couldn’t because it was high tide plus the weather was so bad. Our next stop was the walkway to the old volcano, which has the 14 stations of the crosss depicting the passion of Christ. Located in Barangay Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin. It is the memorial to the dead from the eruption in the 1950s.

This tourist spot is a famous tourist destination in Camiguin Island on Lenten Season; it is a pilgrimage site for Roman Catholic devotees. It’s their way of penitence, trekking on the 8 kilometer path while contemplating and renewing their faith. Every holy week locals and tourists specially the devotees observe the Panaad festival, which means a festival of promise. Usually devotees have that promise to visit and penitence for the wrong doings they done. 

Although one does not need to be Christian to admire the beauty of the pilgrimage site. Mt. Vulcan is also known as the Old Volcano which is a contradictory because it is the youngest volcano on the island; it was discovered during the 1871 eruption.

The environmental fee is very minimal P 5.00. We paid it after our trek. On the other side of the road, there are food stall and souvenir shops.

The walkway is covered with trees serve as the shades; the steps are concrete in the first few meters. Along the way there were vandals on the pavement, which are covered of moss. What we enjoyed most on our trek was the breath taking scenery over looking the Camiguin Island and of course the fresh air. It was relieving being kissed by cold breeze and smell of fresh air. There were just few tourists at that time so we had the time to frolic. The bad thing was we were hungry and we were just munching on chips and crackers after we reached the 7th station we resigned. Lol so we slowly went back. Lesson of the day eat first before embarking on the vigorous and time bounded tour. It’s great too because we have reason to go back to Camiguin Island because we have unfinished business. See you again Mount Volcano- Walkway to the old volcano and Stations of the Cross!

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