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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mapaso Hot Spring Resort, Monbon, Irosin, Sorsogon

We used to picnic here when we were young, together with our cousins and other relatives. The resort is less than a kilometer away from the barangay proper and more or less three kilometers away from the town proper. Vehicles can now pass through the rough road. Sometimes I like to walk in going to the resort because I love to see and watch colorful butterflies, dragon flies and other things. Nice to meet familiar faces too.

This natural hot spring resort is nestled on the foot of Bulusan Volcano. The pools are natural Jacuzzi. It’s a free resort; everyone is welcome, no entrance fee, and no cottage though. What I love about this spring resort is that the water has a therapeutic effect to the aching muscles. There are six not so big natural pools. The third pool is the biggest. The locals wash their clothes here. If you want to see the old style of washing the clothes you could come here and talk to the women doing it while swimming with the suds. You could not swim and dive like in the other resort. The pools are natural surrounded by trees and plants. The vegetation is really nice. Sometimes you could smell sulfuric gas. Swimming and soaking here is fun while relaxing.

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