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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Majestic Mayon Volcano

Every time I fly home, I feel great and blessed. Although the airport from my hometown is two hours ride. The sight of Mayon Volcano greets me before I land. There is something about this almost perfect cone volcano, according to locals, in a day it shows once, clear show-up. It is like a shy maiden, which is seldom seen by people. Mayon Volcano is named from Daragang Magayon, which means beautiful maiden. The picturesque volcano and the mountains are a breathtaking sight from the sky. Actually the tourists at my back were in awe. They said the mountains look like chocolates hills. I always can’t wait for the airplane to take off so that I can take pictures. Some nature adventurers do trekking to summit Mayon Volcano.

It is located in Albay Province, Region V. There are other things to do in this part of Bicol Region to fully enjoy your stay. Actually those who want to experience Bicol at its best please check this out.

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bobbyboy said...

There are just some pictures (scenery) that are indescribable!

Thanks for sharing :)