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Monday, November 17, 2008

Blue Crystal Beach Resort - San Narciso, Zambales

One weekend, while the tail of Super Typhoon Egay was still hitting the Central Luzon, my friend invited me, my sister and my cousin to visit their place. We thought before we reached the place the typhoon would be completely gone. While we were on our way, the weather was already calm. I was so thankful to God because he heard my prayers.

When we reached the place, heavy rain poured but after a while it stopped. So we had time to walk on the beach, the day was still gloomy so the water was not blue crystal. But still we had fun because the waves were huge and we played with them. We let the waves run after us. There were excursionists, yuppies from Metro Manila too. Some were enjoying the surfing, actually we were invited to watch surfing competition, which was being held in the next town, but we opted not going instead we enjoyed the place while beach bums were few.

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