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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pagsanjan Falls-Cavinti Eco Park, Laguna

Exploring our country is really fun. Our friends wanted to try something new and just within the outskirt of Metro Manila. We browsed the internet and we found Pagsanjan Falls.
It’s just few hours away from our place, which means we don’t need a lot of money to reach this fasmous, Pagsanjan Falls. It is one of the most famed waterfalls in our country. The falls have grown into a major tourist attraction for the region. Pagsanjan is most famous for these falls in particular. There are two rivers, the Balanac and the Bumbungan, where the name Pagsanjan came. It means pinagsangahan or where the two rivers meet.

Magdapio Falls is the destination of the tour, which the actual location is not in Pagsanjan at all but in the adjacent town of Cavinti. Along the way to Magdapio there are lot of Falls u can see, one of them is Talahib Falls. We were ferried to the famed falls with a traditional Filipino Canoe, manned by skilled Pagsanjeño boatmen (bankeros). The only passable route to it is the Bumbungan River of Pagsanjan. The place is really awesome; you can feel that u r in a different world, a jungle. We saw snakes in rectilinear locomotion, colorful iguana, beautiful butterflies, Monkeys transferring from one tree to another, dragon flies and many more. The rapids are great, as well as the boatmen they know their job very well.
The Pansanjan falls has a natural pool, allowing great swimming and diving. There are some caves to explore around the area which are known for their acoustics. Behind the waterfalls there is also a small cave which you can enter. It is also famous for its massage, where people get 'massaged' under the falls.
The place is superb but you have to talk to the tour agents about the fees before you do the tour because some have hidden fees. Ask for the price of the tour, fix one. You can give tip to the boatmen if you can. It is very much welcome.
Be ready for the communion with nature, really nice place, luscious vegetation, picturesque scenery and don’t forget to bring extra clothes.

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bobbyboy said...

It looks very beautiful and well worth the time to go there!

Good job with the slide show too :)