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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Bamboo Organ-A National Treasure

My sister and I are really wanted to attend and watch the concert of The Bamboo Organ but sad to say the concert tickets were very dear. We could not afford to buy although we are hoping someday we can watch the concert. Instead we chose to visit it in the Church, where it is in housed. The entrance is 35.00 for adults and 20.00 for children.
One Sunday morning we decided to visit the St. Joseph Parish Church at P. Diego Cera Ave., Poblacion, Las Piñas, where the Bamboo Organ housed. It is two rides away from our place. We were feeling blessed because it was a gloomy day and few tourists were there. So we had ample time to explore the place. The church is made of adobe stones, which was constructed between 1797 to 1819. Its architectural design is Baroque; I felt I was in another era.
The only pipe organ in the world which pipes are made of bamboo is The Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas City. It took Fr. Diego Cera dela Virgen del Carmen, the first parish priest, 8 years to finish the bamboo organ (1816-1824). It was destroyed in the 1880’s by typhoon and earthquake, which made it unplayable for several years. The pipes were kept till 1917 in the old sacristy when tourists discovered it. The total restoration contract was awarded to Johannes Klais Orgelbau in Bonn, Germany in 1972 and the organ was shipped to Germany in 1973. In March 1975, the restored Bamboo Organ returned home. Since then, every February the yearly International Bamboo Organ Festival is held attracting both local and foreign music enthusiast. After a panel of evaluation of this famous Bamboo Organ on November 24, 2003, the National Museum of the Philippines declared the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ as National Cultural treasure because it is the only 19th century bamboo organ in the Philippines that has survived and is still functioning.”
The Antillan House, which is adjacent to the church, is where the entrance for those who want to have a clearer view of the Bamboo Organ. In this house u can see the gift shop as well as the Museum.
Have fun in visiting this National Treasure, very nice one.

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