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Thursday, October 23, 2008

White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro – Perfect Get Away

We left Manila very early (2:00am) so that we can reach Batangas Port early, but the bus was flat tire so we have to wait for another bus. The 8:00 am ferry was the one we rode. As we sailing we were with other tourists, foreigners and locals. We were enjoying because of the fresh air, nice view plus the anticipations of what were store for us. I was with my co-workers and friends. The islets are nice we could see tourist exploring them. When we reached the White Beach, lots of local were offering us hotels and resorts, where we can stay. They were all warm and nice to talk to. We stayed in Delgado Resort and Restaurant; the management allowed us to rent one cottage for 4 persons. They’re very accommodating. We slept and ate, before 3:00 pm we went out and look for tour guides to accompany us to falls. A Mangyan and a Muslim were our tour guides. They were very jolly but shy. We asked them how long will take us to the falls and they said an hour will do. My gosh, it took us for 2 hours, to reach the falls. But you know the trek was rewarding because the luscious vegetations, warm people. Along the way we passed by a mangyan community, an indigenous group. They are fun loving and nice to talk to. Our tour guides’ houses are in that community so when we returned from the falls, they gave us young coconuts, Buko, very refreshing. They accompanied us to the wet market to buy some foods.

At night we did swimming while the tourists were having massage on the shore. The bars were full of people, drinking and singing. Early in the morning we did swimming, snorkeling and wacky picture taking.
In this place you can do island hopping, diving, snorkeling, banana boat riding, kayaking, camping, trekking and a whole lot more. While riding a ferry on our way home, we saw whales doing tricks. It’s the perfect get away very near from the Metropolis, easy to access.


bobbyboy said...

Sounds like a fantastic get away spot :)

Too bad you didn't post some pictures (especially if the mangyan people), I bet they were very welcoming to you!

an ordinary Saffa girl. said...

What fun you have!!!!!