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Monday, October 13, 2008

Caramoan Peninsula – the Hidden Paradise

We stayed in Lahuy Island the whole night, and when the morning came we were a little bit apprehended to do island hopping for the weather was still bad. It was Good Friday, but the weather was not in consonance with what the day should be. But still we prepared because Jun and his companion told us that the weather will be nice later on. We were praying silently that may the Good Lord give us the weather that we need. We left the rest house half-hearted, because the day was gloomy plus the rain was still pouring. Our boat men told us that we would explore the beautiful islands of Caramoan, the exotic ones which barely reach by tourists. While we were on our first stop, Manlaui Island, we saw group of tourist on top of Daraga Hill still part of Lahuy Island. They stayed the whole night there and they seem to be wet and soaking. Their things were hanging on the trees. The heavy rain really poured. Before we reached our first stop the sun rose.
Manlaui Island is a white beach no residents with lots of coconut trees. The sand is fine, and of course the water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. On its right side u can see the Guinhaoan Island, our next stop. We were lucky because one of the owners of the Island, Manuel Lara was there so we accompanied by him to let us see the beauty of the island. It’s a private property. Part of the Island is the Abba, rocky beach, black rocks and rock formation. The scenery is a really breathtaking. I felt I was really very lucky and privilege to see this wonderful God’s creation. At the top of the island, is really once of the best part. It is a ranch with wonderful, awesome, breathtaking view of Pacific Ocean, Catanduanes Province, Taiwan. Liwan beach can be seen from there, it has a white long shoreline, perfect for swimming. We wanted to stay longer but we couldn’t.
Nippa Beach is still part of Lahuy Island. It has a long and wide white shoreline, nice blue crystal water and warm people. Adjacent to this beach is the Bugtong beach, which has speckled black rock formation. This beach has a hidden islet; it comes out whenever there is a low tide. Beautiful white and fine sand islet. We had our lunch here.
Before three o’clock in the afternoon we reached Brgy. Tagbon. In this place we had more or less 600 steps before we reached the Our Lady of Peace Shrine. The view from the hilltop of this Shrine is really amazing. We could hear the seven last words while we were feeding our eyes of that wonderful scenery. We learned that there is a cave in this place but since we were running of time maybe next time we could. Our tour guide let us got near to Gota Beach, where there were lots of military men guarding the island, to see the rock formation. Good enough the local government opened Sabitang Laya Island for the tourists although still guarded by the military men because it is near the Gota Beach where the French Survivor was held. Sabitang Laya Island is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, camping and bird watching.
Next time we explore Caramoan Peninsula we will allot ample time to really explore the other islands. While we were boating we saw an island, which has black sand. There were group of scuba divers. It is the National Park, where u can find really exotic beaches. If you are looking for a total nature adventure Caramoan is the place for you.

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