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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Journey to Caramoan National Park

The first time I fell in love with the place when I saw it featured in GMA’s magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. From then on I read and browsed about that place. It took a year before we got the chance to visit this exotic place.
Last Holy Week, we spent our vacation there. We rode a bus from Manila to Naga, from Naga to Sabang Port. Sabang Port is not a usual port; it is more a public beach. Men would carry you and your baggage in their shoulders in order for you to board to a motorized boat. It was uncomfortable for girls but no choice. The trip from Sabang Port to Guialo Port was really amazing; there is islet white sand some tourist can visit and explore. The mountains are like chocolate hills and rock formations are really awesome.

Arriving in Guialo Port we had to ride a boat just to reach the platform of the port, then Jeep to Caramoan town proper. From there, we looked for lodging houses, hotel or even transient houses but there were no available. Some locals told us we could spend our vacation in an island because some tourists were already camping there too. We were saddened by the news that Gota Beach, Matukad Island and other islands were closed for tourists because the French Survivor was there. So we feel embittered because the local government should have the heart to give advisory that these islands were closed. Although we read an advisory at the Sabang Port that Gota beach was under renovation but we thought the other islands near Gota Beach were open.
But we were already there so no choice we have to enjoy while we were thinking what we should do we ate in Camalig Restaurant. We had laing, which Bicolanos crave for. The good thing was that one of the tricycle drivers we spoke with was from our province and he knew someone, whose family owns islands but far from Caramoan proper. The driver assured us that the islands are really beautiful and worth of the time. We were lucky because this man, Jun Ramos, has a boat rental for tourists. He served us our tour guide and one of the boat men. He offered us the rest house of his Uncle in Lahuy Island. We had tents so we set them up although the mother and grandmother of Jun wanted us to stay inside the rest house. Swimming at night was fun in this island because the water was warm plus the moon, it was an enchanting night. I brought two sets of rechargeable batteries but they were low-bat when the night came. The problem was this island has no electricity but the good thing was there was a generator in one of the houses so the batteries were charged till midnight only. While we were sleeping the rain poured and we transferred to the rest house. Staying in this island was really an experience that can’t be trade. Thanks Riason and Ramos family.

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