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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

Last December 2007, I read that Manila Ocean Park would have a soft opening. So we planned to visit it. But when we went there it was still under construction. And last July we had time to visit it, this time it is already open.
The plan of this park is to make this as the first world-class marine themed park to adopt a fusion concept-bringing together in one complex an Oceanarium, a mall, a restaurant row, boutique hotel, open water marine habitats and multi-purpose function facilities. As of today the only open are the Oceanarium and restaurants. The Oceanarium is the first and largest aquarium facility in the Philippines. U can experience a wide variety of species, such as sharks, fishes and invertebrates indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
The journey in the Oceanarium begins in the “Agos” (Flow), where u will learn about the natural flow of water from the land to the sea. In this zone u can found the giant arapaima, alligator gar and various types of African cichlids. There is a touch pool, where u can experience a hands-on experience awaits those who want to interact with some of our friendly residents such as the starfish and sea cucumber.
The next part is the “Bahura” (Reef), which features some of the most fascinating creatures in the Philippine coral reefs.
“Laot” (Fishing Ground), u will find a wide array of fish in the deeper waters of the sea. There are giant grouper, which can weigh up to 660 pounds, making ti one of the largest coral reel-dwelling bony fish.
The area that I enjoyed most is the “Buhay ng Karagatan”, where u can walk through the 25-meter long underwater tunnel, surrounded by awesome creatures. This tunnel showcases various marine animals and how they interact with each other.
“Ang Kalaliman” (The Deep) features different kinds of schooling fish like the barracuda.
Stingray (Pagi) area is the overhang tank offers a unique top and bottom view of stingrays.
“Pating” (Shark), the shark tank, where u can observe how sharks behave and interact with one another.
There is a multi-media facility, where fun, interactive activities for all ages await the Oceanarium visitors. In this area u can find out how can help save the ocean and its inhabitants; or learn more about marine ecosystems, life cycles of coral reefs, and other interesting facts and trivia through the use of thrilling hi-tech devices. Listen, watch, experience and learn.
In the second floor is the exit area, there are fish spa, boat ride, shark viewing area, restaurants and souvenir store.

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Angeelina said...

Manila in Philippines is really nice place to visit. I hope you would visit there again.