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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pasyal Intramuros

There are many groups trying to reintroduce the Filipino heritage thru fair. One of these activities is the Pasyal Intramuros. It’s one way to call the attention of the locals and the foreigners to get to know Filipino Culture and Heritage. Last October 20, Sunday we went to Intramuros to witness the Pasyal Intramuros for we got curious what they do in that fair. Kudus to the organizers they did a great job. We enjoyed the street music. Personally I love the performance of the T’boli tribe, they sing or chant what their feelings and thoughts at the moment. They express their thoughts, ideas and feelings thru music right there and then. The representatives of the Ivatan tribe were young ones, refreshing and encouraging seeing them helping their tribe to be known by introducing their local music. There are other singers and musicians showing their talents, street food, street marketers and a whole lot more.

What we regretted was we couldn’t watch the outdoor showing of, GHENGIS KHAN, the fully restored version, care of National Film Archives of the Philippines. Wished it was Saturday so we could stay longer and enjoy the fair. Nevertheless it was a great Sunday rediscovering and appreciating our culture thru Pasyal Intramuros. According to the organizer they would try to do it once a month. Hope you can come and enjoy the fun in this fair. Bring friends, family, kids and everybody that you can and experience the Pasyal Intramuros.

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