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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Villa del Prado Pool and Beach Resort-Sariaya, Quezon

We were sort of tight of budget for the summer because the airfare during peak seasons is high. We look for a fun in the outskirt of Manila, since it was summer time we looked for some fun in the beach. We’ve been to Sariaya, Quezon sometimes in 2008. This year our company too was looking for a nice location for our summer company outing. One of the organizers suggested Sariaya, luckily most of us agreed to have it there.
They found the Villa del Prado Pool and Beach Resort; it is located in Bignay I, Sariaya, and Quezon. It is in the southern part of Luzon. It is a resort, which has a combination of pool and beach. The good thing with this resort, everyone can bring a kid, because the kiddies’ pool is just two feet although of course at the restriction of the parents, while the adult pool is five to six feet plus it has a cyclone slide. The kids enjoyed the pool.

Kiddie pool

Adult Pool

Beach Area

We, adults were having fun in the beach. There are some activities too that one can does like, snorkeling, boating, seashells hunting, building sand castles etc. The water is not clear like the one we visited before. Along the shorelines there are some peddlers of souvenirs from key chain to native delicacies. This place is the best for those who are busy that cant take a vacation for days, just a day one can relax in this resort with a clean and fresh air.

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