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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Subic Bay Beach in Matain, Subic Bay, Zambales

Our company had a summer outing and we were supposed to be booked in a resort but when we were about to check in, in a resort our group couldn’t be accommodated because we were many around 150 persons. Since we had no deposit on that resort we chose to get the next private resort, not developed but enough to accommodate us. It has no much facility because it was under construction. It is the camaraderie that matters most.

There are many activities that nearby hotels offer like banana boat ride, jetski, boating, snorkeling, island hopping etc. What we tried was boating to enjoy the Subic Bay view; we passed by the White Castle Island, a manmade castle like structure, it is an island with sharp rock formations. The boatman tours us within the bay, showed the nice beaches nearby and other undisturbed shorelines.

The shoreline’s color varies from white to gray fine sand; its water is not as clear like in other parts of the country.

Nevertheless we enjoyed our stay; it was just a day of fun. 

White Castle Island

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