Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Old Ruins in Barcelona, Sorsogon - Century old ruins, the silent witness of the past

Across the Barcelona Church is now a park, it was the place of the Presidencia Building and the school for the Spaniards. The old structures are still there. They are more than century old ruins.

The Ruins

Presidencia building was the seat of the Spanish government, governed by the gobernadorcillo. During Spanish regime it was the fortress, because of strategic location facing the Pacific Ocean, pirates, moro and intruders could be easily seen. This building has a tunnel as a retreat passage but the priests closed it to avoid thieves from accessing to the religious relics.

The Lighthouse
The Old Ruins of Presidencia Building 
The park has a light house and wifi internet connection, which makes this park popular to the locals. It's refreshing to sit and rest after touring the place. Since it is facing the ocean, the smell of the breeze is perfect for the tired body.
The Park has a wifi connection
The Park

The ruins of Old School Building
If these structures could only tell the history, they would be the perfect witness to tell us the account of the past.

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