Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to get to Barcelona Church and the Old Ruins of Barcelona in Barcelona, Sorsogon

the landmark of Barcelona, Sorsogon
The Old Ruins of the Presidencia Building 
The Barcelona Church
During the Spanish Colonization, the town of Bulusan was strategically one of the fortress of the regime. They built a lot of watchtowers to guard the island from being invaded by the Moros, Pirates and the likes. At that time Barcelona was one of the Villages of Bulusan. That’s why Barcelona has significant to the history. One of the evidences are the Old ruins and the church.

Getting to the place now a days is hard because there is no much public transportation that go there often. There is a schedule of jeep departing from Sorsogon city. Barcelona is a secluded area. You should brace yourself for the longer waiting time if you would take public utility vehicles.

To those who want to explore the place in a convenient way you can hire a van ranging from 2,500 up. It depends upon your haggling skills. By the way the nearest airport is the Legaspi airport from there you can take van for hire or public transportation like van or bus. Usually the van is good  for an 8 hours trip although it depends upon how you can agree on some terms that would be favorable on you.

For those who would be coming from the airport, you can take tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the bus or van terminal going to Sorsogon City. The tricycle fare is 50.00 pesos one way trip, the capacity of it is 4 persons.

From Sorsogon City look for a jeep going to Bulusan and tell the conductor to drop you off in Barcelona Church across the church is the Old Ruins of  the Presidencia Building and the School Building. Most of the time jeeps going to Bulusan are few so you can take the jeep going to Gubat then from there you can take a jeep again going to Barcelona or Bulusan.

Ask the jeep what would be the last trip in going back to Sorsogon City that is if your hotel is in there. But if you are in the mood to explore the nearby town, Gubat or Bulusan or Irosin will be the best place to find the hotel. Hotels are cheaper in these area. Have a great adventure!

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