Friday, June 13, 2014

Free Stuff coming from Hotels

We travel as much as we can. We took the opportunity to explore places during holidays even just for a day. It's our way of unwinding and relaxing. In traveling we get to know other people, their culture and heritage, ways of life, amazing things about the places and a whole lot more in between.

As I was cleaning this morning I saw some of the freebies from the hotels that we stayed. We collect the free shampoos, conditioner, hair cap, grooming kit, slippers and other things that are part of the freebies. Anyway that's included in the payment we made. Before I was shy to get them but I learned from other travelers and even travel show hosts that they collect them too. We use these freebies every time we would go on travel that we would not stay in a hotel, like camping or sleep over with friends' house. 

I remember my husband asked me why I was collecting these stuff, for him that's sort of weird. He is not used to that. But I told him well that's included in our payment and I could use it when I travel too. So he was like ohh ok. 

It's fun too to look at these stuff, it's a remembrance too how far we got in terms of exploring other places. How about u? What do u do with the free stuff coming from the hotels?

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