Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lusada Cold Spring- A crystal spring

In the province of Sorsogon there are many entrance free tourist destinations. Underdeveloped just for the consumption of the locals, "bakasyonistas"( visitors of the local coming from different places) and some tourists that are looking for real adventures unexplored by many.

One of them is the Lusada Cold Spring located in Sitio Caladgao, Buraburan, Juban. It's is along the Maharlika hi-way, more or less 15-20 meters away from the main road. Few minutes walk. Lusada is a local term which means "to go down" from the root word lusad meaning go down. 
It was my first time to visit this place. My sisters, nieces and nephews have been there before but sad to say I didn't. But since it was a hot afternoon we looked for a cold spring to refresh. We grew up loving the hot springs. Our place is blessed with springs because of the Mount Bulusan. We decided to try Lusada. 

Lusada Cold Spring has one natural pool, surrounded by banana trees, bushes, wild plants, ferns and boulders. It is the pool for everybody and serves too as a laundry area. We saw some washing their clothes in one area. By the way it's common in the provinces to wash their clothes in the river, springs, or any form of body of water. 

There is an automatic understanding that when there are new visitors they would vacate an area to accommodate them. It's part of the culture to be hospitable and accommodating.

I saw some put their bottles of soft drinks in one area to make it cooler, the pool is not just a place for swimming and washing clothes but also serves as the cooler. Unique pool.

My companions were enjoying the swimming because the same as in Binarabudan Cold Spring there are fish too. It was getting late when we decided to leave the spring. 

I got disappointed when I saw d surroundings full of used plastic, foil, bottles and other rubbish  meaning those who visit the place just throw their trashes outside the pool. It's the place where local go everyday, hope the people together with the local officials come out with the plan how to maintain the beauty of the place. 

I really hope that someday, we Filipinos can learn to understand and appreciate how blessed we are having this beautiful land. We learn to take care of the natural resources that we have. It's our wealth, heritage, pride  and preserving this will be the greatest gift to the next generation. 

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