Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to get to Binarabudan Cold Spring and Guest World Resort and Tourist Inn

 Exploring one place is a challenge from the transportation to the food. The best thing to enjoy the place is to live and act like a local that’s more thrilling.

The pool in Guest World Resort
To those who want to explore the place in a convenient way you can hire a van ranging from 2,500 up. It depends upon your haggling skills. By the way the nearest airport is the Legaspi airport from there you can take van for hire or public transportation like van or bus. Usually the van is good  for an 8 hours trip although it depends upon how you can agree on some terms that would be favorable on you.

the Natural Pool of Binarabudan Cold Spring
For those who would be coming from the airport, you can take tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the bus or van terminal going to Sorsogon or Bulan. The tricycle fare is 50.00 pesos one way trip, the capacity of it is 4 persons.

If you could catch the bus or van going to Bulan, tell the driver to drop you off in Guest World Resort or  Soreco II office Gulang-Gulang, Irosin. This trip is much better. The Van fare is 180.00 per head but with the bus its 130.00. But if there is not straight trip you can take the Sorsogon City trip.

From Sorsogon City you can ride a jeep or bus  with a signage of Irosin, Bulan or Matnog. Tell the conductor  to drop u off in GuestWorld Resort and Tourist Inn or in Soreco II office in Gulang-Gulang, Irosin. The two are the best landmark for you not to get lost. The jeep fare is 40.00 pesos per head.

Going to Binarabudan Cold spring is a trek, no trail sign. You can ask the barangay tanod or barangay police or even the local the way to go there. Most of the time kids would accompany you to go there. The trek has more or less 1 kilometer distance from the Maharlika hi-way would take 20 minutes or it is up to how fast you would walk.

If your hotel is in Sorsogon City you can take jeep, van or bus in going back. There are hotels around the area too if you want to stay and explore the place more. Goodluck to your new adventure.

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