Monday, June 2, 2014

Maligo Resort- A Cold Spring

Swimming is one of our bonding activities with the kids. Every time we would go back to our hometown that's the most awaited activity of the kids. Every afternoon we would go to the nearest resort or natural swimming pools. My friend told me that there is another resort in Brgy. Monbon, it's called Maligo Resort. I asked them to go with me and visit that new resort. Brgy. Monbon in Irosin, Province of Sorsogon is well known for hot springs, but this new resort is a cold spring one. Maligo is a Filipino word means take a bath.

Maligo Resort is under construction but can now open to the public. According to the caretaker the owner just wants to make the resort known so that on it's grand opening, they can easily attract customers. That's why don't expect cafeteria and other amenities, which can be found in other resorts although the resort has open cottages for rent, shower area and bathrooms. It is accessible by vehicles although we need to walk more or less 15-20 meters in going to the resort because the path is too small to accommodate vehicles. Those who want to visit the place just ask tricycle drivers they know the place.

This resort has one huge pool but with different water depth. The area near the entrance is for kids, 3 feet then move the next is 4 feet then 5 feet. At this moment it has no markers yet, that's why parents, guardians should not leave children unsupervised. The water is coming from springs, which makes as the fountains. Fountains are not yet installed, pipes can still be seen. It's the only cold spring among the resorts in  Brgy. Monbon. Although San Benon hot and cold spring resort has cold water swimming pool, it is not open to the public. The pool intended for cold water has no water, which makes Maligo Resort a different from the rest of the Resorts in this area.

Maligo resort is surrounded by coconut trees and rice fields. It has a small fish pond. The entrance fees are 25 pesos for adults and 20 for kids.

It is not yet popular to others that's why when we went there no other guests except us, that made us happier because we could enjoy the pool by ourselves. Don't forget to being foods because no cafeteria yet in this resort. Want some cold spring water specially during hot and humid days? Visit Maligo Resort.

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