Tuesday, June 3, 2014

St. Joseph Parish Church or commonly known as Barcelona Church

St. Joseph Parish Church of Barcelona, Sorsogon was built in the year 1874 by Franciscan friars. It is also known as Barcelona Church. The church is made of coral stones, lime,  beaten egg whites mixed with tuba, a local wine coming from coconut trees.  Barcelona church is one of the oldest churches in the Bicol Region. There are repairs done but most part of it are original. It is also one of the most photographed old churches in the region.

The facade of the Barcelona Church

The church has a tunnel connecting to the Presidencia Building or the old municipal building, which is now a ruin. It is just across the street but the priests closed it in order to avoid thieves from stealing the precious religious relics inside the church. 

the altar of the Barcelona Church
The Aisle of the Church
This town is named after the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona, the conquistador said that the natural arrangement of the place is like of that city.

Statue of the Patron Saint St. Joseph outside the Church

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