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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Get Away to The Caliraya Springs Golf and Marina Resort - Cavintin, Laguna

Somebody left a fan with a print of Caliraya country club in our office. We checked it on line and we found out there are many activity in that place, which is why when my coworker saw a deal in METRODEAL about a Caliraya Springs, she mistakenly took it as Caliraya country club. All of us told her to include us and our family members to purchase that deal. After she purchased, she searched how we would get there. Then she realized she was wrong. We had no choice but to take it. LOL lesson read it carefully before agreeing. Another mishap? We will not make it as another mishap; we browsed the website of Caliraya Springs Golf and Marina Resort, looked interesting, many activities too. 

Our coworker called the office on how to get there; the lady on the other line was so accommodating, sent an email on how to get there. Since we are residing in Paranaque we decided to take Alabang because it’s nearer to Laguna.

We set the alarm clock at 4:15 am to prepare early, and then we reached Alabang, Muntinlupa around 5:40am. We thought there would be a bus or van somewhere near the Festival Mall but the terminal is transferred to South Station. Read in here how we got there.

The amenities in this resort are biking, Fishing, swimming, kayaking, jetski, boating, hotel accommodation, golf, restaurant, Jacuzzi, weddings and karaoke. There are on going construction of facilities for team building and other fun activities like mud slide, web spider obstacle, hanging bridge, zip line and others. 

Caliraya Springs Golf and Marina Resort has a vast land. According to the guard it has a land area of 700 hectares. Enough space for more development in the future

.Our day tour was a gloomy day and there were rain showers. When we arrived in the clubhouse, we were accommodated right away, there were few guests. The first impression was a deserted place. The building’s paint was too old, the ceiling was under repair. This resort needs intensive maintenance.  The employees were courteous.

The fun activities included in our day tour package are:

Duck-feeding with two bowls of feeds
Duck feeding was our first activity. We were 8 people in our group plus a family with 3 members. All in all we were 11 people in the group. The kids loved it, they were dancing and hopping towards the ducks but while we were feeding the rain fell, had to stop it and return to the clubhouse.


30-minute horseback riding session

After our duck feeding we were transported to Marina Resort for other activities. We tried the horse back riding. The trail is short in just less than 10 minutes we were done. The guides told us that we could do it later again.

30-minute kayak
The sun showed his might a bit after our lunch, we took that opportunity to try the kayaking. It was the activity that I enjoyed most because the water of the lake is still, easy to maneuver the kayak. Most of us it was the pop activity of them all.

Swimming in the pool
It was raining so no fun to deep in the pool but of course the kids love the water. They still enjoyed the swimming time. 

Plated lunch included in the Day Tour package
We requested that our lunch would be served in Marina resort. It was composed of fried fish fillet, chicken adobo, sautéed vegetables and rice. In Marina Resort there was no store or cafeteria, the bad thing when we asked the booking officer if we could bring our own food she said there would be corkage fee of 200 for every package of food. The good thing we brought food for the kids otherwise we would be so hungry. The store and the restaurant are in the clubhouse, far from Marina Resort where we stayed most of the time.

 For the discounted price of the tour of P550.00, great price for a day get away from the hustle and bustle life of the city.

Address: Barangay East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna
Phone: (+632) 723-0781 to 88 loc. 306
Mobile: +63 (2) 917 857 8268

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