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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuasan Falls - Catarman, Camiguin

Supposed to be our next and last stop would be the Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort. While we were enjoying the water in Bura Soda Water Park an old guy told us that there is another falls just near and it is called Tuasan Falls. We asked our tour guide/driver if we could go there, he said it’s not part of the itinerary because the road to that area was under construction and there were debris falling specially that it was raining. We told him we can check because it might be passable at that time, lol our persistent soul attacked. Eventually he agreed to our request.

 Tuasan Falls can be reached through the main coastal highway from Mambajao to Catarman. Before there was a jump off point, where tourists would trek to the falls through luscious green trail. But now and good for us there is a road straight to the area where the falls is. It is under construction but passable already.

Tuasan Falls is a raw, rugged and unspoiled waterfall located in Catarman , west side of Camiguin. It has 25-meter high strong water cascading, it is possible to swim in the pools surrounding the falls but one should be careful with the quick but clear water.  At that time that we were there the surging water was too strong that we were not advised to get near. The area is surrounded by huge ferns, trees, wild orchids and the boulders make it more rugged.

When we were on our way we lost sight of neither houses nor people walking, it was like endless road and wilderness. No tourists too in the area so we took time enjoy the place even it was raining a bit. We had time to frolic.

Don’t forget to bring your own food, no store yet in there. If you are going to swim bring along a Malong or something that would cover yourself in changing clothes. No bathroom in the area.

According to our tour guide the government is going to put some amenities for the enjoyment of the public. No entrance for now, so feel free to enjoy the unadulterated place.

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