Monday, February 3, 2014

Bura soda water park also known as Soda water swimming pool

This was the place what our tour guide was telling us, where we could have that native chicken. Before we alight from the multi-cab there was a lady offered lunch right away, our tour guide/driver said that we can order from her. She said she can bring the food inside the resort, special delivery lol. Actually that’s the usual they do. You can read here ourexperience with the lunch she served.

We were curious what soda water would be because I knew it would have just a zest but not of course the usual soda in the bottle of can. I was right it was just a fresh and cold with zest water. Refreshing to taste, different from the usual potable water.

This resort has a playground to add fun to the guests’ experience. While we were waiting for our food we played there too. Why not? be a kid once more, its nice to do it from time to time. Lol. 

The Bura Soda water park has two swimming pools to enjoy. The soda water is coming from a spring. Unique water, this is only can be found in here, Bura, Catarman, Camiguin. 

Entrance Fee:
13 years old up – P 20.00
6 years old to 12 years old – P 15.00
Cottage rental – P 50.00

Every Wednesday the resort is closed for its regular cleaning.

Drinking soda water is good for hydration making you feel full therefore decreasing overall food consumption. Studies show that soda water reduces osteoporosis, decreases cardiovascular disease risk and lowers blood pressure.

Soda water is the only of its kind in the whole country. It is made into swimming pool for human enjoyment and satisfaction.

Rules and regulations

  1. pay your entrance fee before entering
  2. observe cleanliness
  3. throw your garbage in the garbage container
  4. swimsuits are highly recommended
  5. no eating, drinking beside the pool
  6. children must be guided by parents
  7. wearing slippers, shoes inside the pool are not allowed
  8. gambling inside the premises is prohibited
  9. person under the influence of liquor may not be allowed to enter
  10. watch your own belongings

Source: Bura Soda WaterPark

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