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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Valentine is so commercialized. Wherever I go there are reminders of the heart’s day. Shopping malls are decorated with red hearts and ornaments, while playing romantic songs in the background, which made the atmosphere more romantic. It is a celebration for lovers but for family and friends too.

Sweet goodies, stuff toys and flower shops are mostly on the hallway, making them visible for those who need something to give. Restaurants are mostly full packed of diners. Most of the restaurants have good package deals to choose from.

When I checked the price of the flowers with stuff toys and chocolate; I was stunned ohh my too expensive. For me it’s overpricing specially flower would just dry, not my thing unpractical, I want long and lasting remembrance. Although when I love what I do, price doesn’t matter. What matters most for me are the strong connection, meeting of the mind and being present not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.

Celebrate Valentine according to what suits you! Have fun and enjoy Heart’s day.

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