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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Unusual Valentine Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is a celebration for lovers, but in the Philippines it becomes part of the family and friends affair too. As time goes on the celebration is becoming so materialistic although that’s good for the economy. More expenditures more earnings.

I usually celebrate Valentine ’s Day with my family, for me it’s a family affair. Before when I was in our hometown I would take time to wrap sweets with a stem of flower for give aways to aunties and cousins. But now that I am living in the city it’s like an ordinary day except for receiving and sending valentine’s greetings through texts messaging.

My coworker teased me that since my hubby is not around, he told her to bring a bouquet for me. Lol she gave me a bouquet of Moringa (a green leafy vegetable also known as malunggay) and a chocolate. I and my hubby don’t really celebrate Valentine ’s Day, for us everyday is valentine, corny or cliché but that’s how we are.

This bouquet of mornga brings laughter to me; I told her I could cook later sautéed sardines with morninga leaves. Why not it’s healthy, right?

What a funny valentine I have today! How about u?

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