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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prestige Lounge in the Mall of Asia

There are freebies that I don’t know as a member of PrestigeSM advantage. I just use my card to earn points that can be used to purchase from SM stores or sometimes if I reached the required amount for “buy me” products I can have instant gift. That’s the usual I do with it.  Sometimes I take advantage of the gift wrapping services especially on Christmas time because the line for the members is usually short. In SM Department stores there are exclusive fitting rooms for members too.  
Every time I will renew there is a booklet, which shows the directory of privileges accompanied with the card, unfortunately I don’t read it much.

Last night while I and my friend shop in the Mall of Asia, it took time for the sales clerk to get the new bar code of an item. My friend roamed around, she happened to see the prestige lounge then we were told by the cashier to rest in there first as we wait for the bar code. We know that there s a lounge for SM Prestige members but we didn’t know what’s in it, so we decided to check and experience to be in the lounge.

It’s a nice resting area, clean, cozy and relaxing place. Few people, less noise and there are drinks serve for the guests and members. The bathroom is clean, that’s the most important of them all. Over all the experience was great. Now we know what their lounge is for.
There are house rules to follow:

  • Prestige members must present their valid SM Prestige Card upon entry into the lounge.
  • Members may bring a maximum of  two (2) guests only (children included in count) and shall be responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guests
  • Pets are not allowed inside the lounge.
  • Children 12 years and below must at all times be accompanied by an adult. Prestige members must ensure that children behave properly inside the lounge.
  • Bringing in food and beverages, sleeping, taking pictures are strictly prohibited, smoking, gambling and consumption of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited
  • Complimentary use of landline phone is for important calls only and should be limited for three (3) minutes.
  • Members and their guests are not allowed to conduct business or practice their profession inside the lounge.
  • Merchandise items which have not been paid for may be deposited at the package counter.
  • SM Prestige management reserves the right to ask members guests who violate prestige lounge house rules and/ or terms and conditions of the prestige program to leave the lounge and/or revoke their membership.

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