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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marina * Oyster * Seafood *Grill - Mall of Asia

We wanted to go out but we didn’t know where and when. Our coworker found a deal from Metro Deal a 50% of voucher for Marina. They offer Filipino foods specializing in Ilonggo Cuisine, a place from the Western Visayas, southern part of the Philippines. We chose the table inside the restaurant; the ambiance is cozy, relaxing and cool.  Our order were Marina Soup (bouillabaisse), blue marlin sisig, garlic rice, crab and aligue rice and crispy platter, which consists of crispy kangkong, chicken lollipop, calamares, crispy crablets and fried lumpia. Personally I love the crispy platter, garlic rice and blue marlin sisig.

Blue Marlin Sisig

Crab and Aligue Rice

Crispy Platter

Garlic Rice

One of the attractions in the restaurant was the three man band, the Combacheros. They were serenading the diners and that added to the fun while dining. It’s a great experience and great time.

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