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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Combacheros in Marina Oyster Seafood Grill, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

It’s been a while that I and my coworkers didn’t have a night life. We are the ordinary employees, work and home route everyday. Then one of my coworkers was browsing a discount website called, Metro Deal, a discount Vouchers and Coupons. She saw a deal for Marina Oyster Seafood Grill at the Mall of Asia. One of the things that we enjoyed most was the three-man band, which called them as Combacheros. They accept requests and of course a tip depends upon the diners. I personally requested classic Filipino songs from VST & Co and boyfriends. It was fun watching them perform to the tune of our not so popular genre of song. When you have time come and visit the restaurant to enjoy the ambiance, food and live music.

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