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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cow’s Ice Cream Bar-Mall of Asia

While we were walking after our dinner in Marina * Oyster * Seafood * Grill we saw a booth called Cow’s Ice Cream Bar. We checked and asked what the best sellers in the store; I noticed that the ice creams are from a well known brand of ice cream. So I asked why the name of the store didn't follow from the brand, the sales representative said that those flavors coming from a well known brand are just additional. The store has its own ice cream, then offered the best seller flavors, which are avocado, white chocolate, choco mint. I tried the avocado flavor; it was softer than the usual ice cream that can be found in the grocery, flavorful, the avocado fruit can be tasted. The sweetness is just right for me, not too sweet. One of my companions chose the white chocolate flavor. He said he liked it because not too sweet and softer. It  is fun trying  new things.

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