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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Lady of Manaoag Church, Manaoag, Pangasinan

Since we were already in Pangasinan for our Hundred Islands escapade, we decided to have a side trip to Manaoag Church. My friend asked someone if it was near to Alaminos. One of the locals told her that it was just away from where we were. So we proceed there thinking that it’s just a half or an hour away. We were so happy that at last we can visit the famous Manaoag Church. In the bus, we were laughing and talking about our experience from the Hundred Island Natonal Park. We all fell asleep and when we awoke we were still on the bus. So we asked the conductor if we were still on our way to our destination, he said we will be there soon. And we stared at each other thinking that it is too far from Alaminos, and we were right it’s more than an hour ride because from Dagupan we had to ride a jeep to Manaoag. So we were laughing and enjoying our experience once more. Once more? Because, it happened to us too when we were in Puerto Galera. We asked a local if the Talipanan Falls was near and he said it’s just there pointing the area as if it would be a 10 minutes walk. It’s a lesson learned that when you are in new place ask for how many kilometers that place away. Don’t ask for minutes or hours because they are used to the place so their speed would be different from yours. Nevertheless, the trip to Manoag Church was really fun.

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