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Friday, September 12, 2008

Paguriran Island - One Fine Afternoon

Lately we are fond of nature tripping. My sister, a teacher from our province promised us to accompany in an island in our province. She said its one of the beautiful islands in Bicol. Last August we went home to visit our family and to do some unwinding. The weather was not good. There were rain showers when we arrived. Our plan was the next day after we arrived; early in the morning we were going to the island. The island is quite far from our place it was much better if we would have four well-drive vehicles but since the available vehicles were motorcycles. Some were hesitant but after lunch my sister said we would go there, we had 4 motorcycles and 11 persons. The ride was really very tiring it seemed the road was endless but personally I enjoyed the scenery. Although when we were heeding to the island the heavy rain poured, I was praying that may the trip would turn nicely trip no matter what. May we all enjoy the trip regardless of the weather. The Lord is really nice He heard my silent prayer, before we arrived to the destination the weather turned into, One Fine Afternoon, perfect for island tripping. The resort called, Paguriran Beach Resort. It is located in Sawanga, Bacon, Sorsogon City. Beach sand is fine and pinkish. The island is just a walk away from the main land. It has hidden beauty, unadulterated, nice vegetation aside from that the Mayon Volcano is visible from the place. The place is very enchanting, very nice nature creation. One of the best. Hidden treasure, worth of our time. It has a lagoon. Explore the island and u will discover and see the breakwater at the back by entering a channel, made of rock formation, from there u can see how beautiful the water. Kodus to one Almighty God.
Those who want to reach and experience, one exotic place, this is really one of the best.
You can ride a plane from Manila to Legaspi, from legaspi u can ride a van or a bus to Sorsogon City, or from Manila you can take a bus directly to Sorsogon City. From Sorsogon City u can ride a jeep Sawanga-Bacon. Or if u have ur own private vehicle much better u can enjoy the scenery in going there. The locals are very warm and accomodating.

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