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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Planetarium

Last Sunday I attended the heritage walking tour in Manila city. I learned that May is a heritage month that's why all the Philippine National Museums under the care of National Museum are free for the whole month of May.

Yesterday I went to the knights of Columbus office in Intramuros, Manila so I  visited the Planetarium, it's my first time to be there. I've been to the National Museum twice. While I was looking for the Planetarium I saw a policeman so I asked him where was the location of the Planetarium, he told me he thought I would give him something but not to ask for direction. He was just trying to be funny or flirty, whatever,  he gave me a direction towards the National Museum. I already crossed two intersections when I saw a guard and asked for the location of the Planetarium. He said just walk straightly two intersections back and I would see the dome roof and that's the place I was looking for. Then I realized the place where the policeman was standing was the planetarium already. So I passed him and he said "ma'm I thought u were looking for National Museum", I looked at him with disgust. This is the kind of service to the Filipino people. He doesn't realize that he is representing the men in uniform. Shame on him.

I was the only one at that time visiting the Planetarium. As the name says it's about the planet and it's relation to humanity. I learned all about those things from school but it's great to be refreshed too. It was great to be a kid once more appreciating the Milky Way, constellations, planets and a whole lot more.

Calling all the parents to bring your kids to our house of our national heritage and treasure. Let them see and appreciate the beauty of life thru our Museums. Tickle their imaginations while learning the past. I hope the government can have the political will to empower more the people  to participate in rediscovering our heritage and our being to be able to be good citizens and help in building our nation.

Come and visit our Museums, it's free and fun to discover. You still have time before the month of May ends. By the way every Sunday all year long, Philippine National Museums are free.

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