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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Manila Central Post Office Building-a Neo-Classical Architecture

During our postal heritage walking tour we had the opportunity to explore the Manila Central Post Office Building. It is located along the river banks of Pasig River  near the Lawton Plaza and Manila metropolitan theater. I was amazed with the 14 huge columns and a beautiful facade. Manila central post office building is rectangular shape with two drum like on both side. While we were having a lecture amazingly it has natural ventilation, no fan but cooler inside and enough sunlight coming in, that is why  we didn't have to turn on the lights.

Exhibit of Post Stamps


Every third Sunday there is walking heritage tour and this building is part of that tour. At the same time there is an auction being held inside the building for collectors of post stamps, post cards, coins, toys and other collectibles. It becomes the place for different exhibits too.

This building is a perfect example of neo-classical architecture.  Manila central post office is part of the history. It withstood the test of time from World War II to people power 1 until at present time.

The Manila central Post Office Building became a Japanese soldiers' fortress  but the artillery coming from the American forces bombarded the Post Office until the Japanese soldiers retreated. After the war, the United States of America aided the Philippines to repair all d damages from the said war. That made the Manila central post office building restored to its original beauty.

In year 2012 there was a foreign company wanted to convert this building into a five star hotel. Some concerned groups rallied to preserve this heritage.

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