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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arroceros Forest Park- the last lung of Manila

It’s called as “the  last Lung” of the Manila City. Arroceros is a Spanish word means Rice Traders.  It was a place where rice traders met in old times. This park is near the river bank of Pasig River, to the right side ayala bridge and to the left side quezon bridge can be seen. it has a 2.2 hectares land area but in 1992 there was a construction of a building, some of the oldest trees were cut. There were environmentalists and concerned groups opposed but it was still pursued. At this moment the land area of the Forest left is 1.1 hectare.  

While we were walking towards the Arroceros Forest Park, we passed by the Manila Metropolitan Theater and we noticed too many informal settlers. Specially along the side walk of the forest park.

Mr. Tony Magno was our tour guide inside the Forest Park. He is a member of the Winners Foundation, which take care of the park together with Catholic Women’s Club. He is urging  Filipinos to move and get involve in preserving the forest park. It has a key role in providing fresh air to the people plus it’s also a sanctuary for some animals. Mr. Magno and some organizations continuously plant trees, he said he will not see the forest in the next decade but it has to be preserved for the future generations.

We noticed concrete roads and path inside the forest park and some trees have wrought iron and bricks covered, it could be better if they can preserve the Forest Park in its natural beauty. Bed forest is much better. There is a fish pond inside the park, visitors can feed them.

It’s great to know that we still have forest right in the heart of the busy Manila. We need to preserve and help bring back its glory.  

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