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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Importance of having a Portable Hard Drive

At last I have a portable hard drive. It’s been awhile that I was contemplating of buying one. For the reasons that:

We travel often and we usually save our pictures in the laptop, compact discs, flash drive, tablets, and office pc. I want to organize all the pictures and files in one storage device;

Saving huge  file in the laptop makes it slower and the files are prone to virus too;

I can easily carry all my files since portable hard drive can be easily carried wherever I would be. Even on travel can be easily put inside my bag;

Lastly I am moving out. I need to compile and save all my files.

Having a 500GB capacity is more than enough to save all my files. This model of Toshiba Canvio Connect  is easy to operate. Literally plug and play no need for power cable. No much hassle. Usb cable is just a foot and the size of the hard drive is just as huge as a palm. Light and easy to use.

Actually I used it already and all my files from my laptop were transferred to it. Next is my file from my office’s personal computer and from the huge file of CDS. LOL goodluck to me.

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