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Friday, April 11, 2014

Maynilad Holy Week Water Interruption Advisory

This morning my sister called me to tell that there will be a water interruption this coming holy week. Timing that we have no plan on going out of the Metro Manila. We were planning to stay in Manila for the Holy Week. It’s super  hot lately, well its summertime. We can’t live without water for sure. We have options to save water or go on short trip.

The water interruption is due to Department of Public Works and Highways’  construction of an interceptor drainage box culvert along Blumentritt St.  in Manila City to eliminate flooding in the Metro. This project will cross the pipeline of the Maynilad water pipe, that’s why they need to re-align the pipe  prior to the construction of that project of DPWH. It will be from April 16 to 19,2014. But don’t get me wrong the water interruption has schedule so better check the schedule in your area. It is not a whole three days of no water supply. Please read the complete schedule from Maynilad .

For those who had no plan to go on trip this holy week, we still have time to look for a nice get away. Goodluck to us.

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